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Auroville International UK provides information about Auroville and gives help and advice for those wishing to visit or to live there permanently. We provide assistance regarding guest facilities, working in the community, visas, traveling arrangements, joining the community and about the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. We carry a range of information leaflets, brochures, and videos and can obtain detailed information on most projects and activities in Auroville. Members of AVI UK visit Auroville regularly and we try to have the latest information available

AVIUK also helps to support the work of Auroville by raising funds for projects in and around Auroville.

AVI UK publishes a newsletter for its members twice a year, giving up to date information about various activities and projects in Auroville, particularly those which we are presently supporting. We also give information about activities in the UK, such as meetings and lectures.

Members of AVI UK are often invited to give lectures by universities and organizations having similar interests.


AVI UK invites anyone interested in its work, and in the work of Auroville, to become a member of the organization. There is a sliding scale of subscriptions, such that members can contribute according to their own wishes. For this membership contribution, members receive a bi-annual newsletter and an invitation to meetings.


AVI UK is an NGO which supports development projects in Auroville and its bio region. Projects are implemented, in partnership with Auroville groups such as Auroville Village Action Trust, Sri Aurobindo International Institute for Educational Research (SAIIER) and Pitchandikulam Bio Research Centre (PBRC), and in cooperation with the residents of the many villages of the bio region who are often the primary beneficiaries and stakeholders. Projects are supported in areas including community-based education and vocational training, institutional capacity building, income generation, environmental regeneration, watershed management, implementation of renewable energy resources and appropriate building technologies.

Fund Raising

The organization applies for funds from funding agencies such as the EC, British Government(DIFID), National Lotteries and private trusts, for work being carried out in the Auroville bio region. Donations are also received from individuals and organizations which are used to support a number of projects in Auroville. Being a registered charity gives us the benefit of being able to recover tax from donations made by UK taxpayers. Individuals may make donations designated for specific projects.

AVI UK may choose to support one or more projects on a regular basis, ensuring continuity of funding.

AVIUK also invites fund from individuals by means of appeals, there by supporting projects such as Matrimandir, the Land Fund and other projects vital to Auroville development.

Providing Assistance to Auroville and Aurovilians

AVI UK helps to provide a link between members of the community of Auroville and the UK. We are in close contact with Auroville by means of letter, fax and E mail. We provide assistance with obtaining information and materials from the UK, liaising with UK companies and organizations, on behalf of Auroville, and providing expertise where this is not available from within the community.


AVI UK holds two general meetings held each year, and committee meetings approximately quarterly. General meetings are announced in the newsletter and we invite anyone interested in Auroville to attend. Often at these events we have the chance to see the latest video from Auroville, or slides taken by one of our members during a recent visit.


AVIUK would like to thank the Auroville website for material it has used from www.auroville.org.

For more information about Auroville, please go to this site.


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