Auroville International UK

Auroville International UK provides information about Auroville and gives help and advice for those wishing to visit or to live there permanently. We provide assistance regarding guest facilities, working in the community, visas, travelling arrangements, joining the community and about the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. We carry a range of information leaflets, brochures, and videos and can obtain detailed information on most projects and activities in Auroville. Members of AVI UK visit Auroville regularly and we try to have the latest information available.

AVI UK also helps to support the work of Auroville by raising funds for projects in and around Auroville.

AVI UK publishes a newsletter for its members twice a year, giving up to date information about various activities and projects in Auroville, particularly those which we are presently supporting. We also give information about activities in the UK, such as meetings and lectures.