Acres for Auroville – More donor-purchased land for Auroville

01 Sep 2021 Appeal, Land

19.09 New Acres All Thanks to Your Solidarity!

Since our last announcement in our newsletter of February 21st, Auroville has added 19.09 new
consolidating acres in five areas of Auroville’s Greenbelt – Irumbai, Fertile Windmill, Meadow,
Pitchandikulam, and Newlands – all funded by your land donations !

We warmly thank all the land donors who have made this new land possible and congratulate
Auroville’s Land Board for these very significant achievements.

Our sincere appreciation goes to the owners of the five plots whose goodwill made these
purchases happen in such a harmonious spirit. OM

May this beautiful trend continue and grow for manifesting the City of Dawn!

The New Auroville Land

This acquisition is a large block of 13.72 contiguous acres just next to Irumbai Lake. The purchased land has significant water resources and comes with a large borewell. It also has vital access to a main road that leads to the heart of Auroville and the Matrimandir. This purchase consolidates the larger landholding and enables a straight line of fencing along the property.

This new plot of 2.74 acres with mango, guava and teak trees is an important addition to the consolidation and protection of the Greenbelt forests.

A consolidating plot of 1.19 acres has joined the City of Dawn in this Greenbelt zone.

New land of 0.76 acres was purchased next to the well-known pioneering biodiversity reserve
and agricultural area of Pitchandikulam.

A parcel of 0.68 new Auroville acres, coming with cashew groves, was bought in February,
joining the Greenbelt community of Newlands.