Auroville International

The association “Auroville International” (AVI) is a worldwide network set up with the aim of supporting the Auroville international Township in India. Founded in 1983, Auroville International has its legal basis in the Netherlands and today has member associations, affiliated groups and liaison addresses in 23 countries.

One of the main functions of Auroville International is to support Auroville in all possible ways, which includes the making of representations to national, international, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Another important role of Auroville International is to act as a channel for funds to Auroville projects.

A third function of Auroville International is to improve the information flow between Auroville, Auroville International and its member associations, affiliated groups and liaison addresses, and provide financial and other support to its members and association organisations.

AVI Meetings

The highlight of the Auroville International calendar is the International meeting, which is held in a different country each year. Most countries in Europe have hosted meetings, some several times, but occasionally we venture further afield, with meetings in St Petersburg, Brazil, California, and South Africa. In May 2007 we were invited by an Aurovilian, Ruslan, from Kazakhstan, to hold the meeting in his home country. The latest meeting was held in Montreal, Canada in September 2007.

Unity Kolam Ceremony 2008

During the Auroville International (AVI) meeting in Montreal in September 2007 it was agreed that we would like to participate in the upcoming 40th birthday celebrations.
The participants initially took up the idea of a “soil ceremony” which had been proposed during the previous months in Auroville amongst the birthday organizers.
Our vision was to create an event which captures the spirit of Auroville and it’s aspiration for unity, that is an outreaching to the world which has supported Auroville’s growth and development over the past 40 years and can be enjoyed and engaged in by all.
What emerged after reflecting together on what this could be like was an event we are now calling the Unity Kolam Ceremony .

The idea is based on gathering samples of sand from countries all over the world: sacred places, intentional communities, nature parks etc. and collecting these in Auroville in the weeks leading up to the birthday.

During the birthday celebrations these earth samples were ceremoniously laid in a Kolam pattern that integrated the Auroville symbol. The peak of the event was a dismantling ceremony that involved sweeping together the soils of the world as a symbol of unity and redistributing these soils in beautiful gift packets, made in Auroville, symbolizing Auroville’s outreaching to the world.

A website has been created, with a map showing the sites around the world where soil was collected.

UNESCO Event, Paris, October 2008