More New Auroville Land!

19 Feb 2021 Land

After our last good-news announcement in November, we are pleased to report the addition of another 2.74 acres in Auroville’s Greenbelt near the community of Fertile Windmill, making 7 new parcels of land since the August 15th start of A4A Year 7!
Auroville’s Land Board is step-by-step at work acquiring the still-missing land to consolidate the designated Master Plan area and to bring long-term viability for the City of Dawn.

The sole resources for this vital work come from you – the land donors – and all this encouraging progress is entirely made possible by you!

On behalf of the City of Dawn, we sincerely thank you for your loyal support and ongoing collaboration!

See below for more views of this newest land addition for the City of Dawn:

And there is more new land to come!