Flood Relief Update

01 Apr 2016 Uncategorized

Auroville did not suffer death or destruction in the recent flooding, probably because it has constructed check dams and bunding of the earth to ensure that water retained by the land can recharge the aquifers and the extensive planting of trees encourages absorption of the water.

Despite the unfortunate flooding, it has been an honour for Auroville to participate in the effort of setting up an emergency radio station in the district of Cuddalore, where Aurovilians  had brought some needed equipment and along with the combined efforts of Government, Local Bodies and Civic Teams, succeeded in launching a radio station which broadcast on 107.8Mhz in all of three days! This was an unprecedented accomplishment of communication management in a disaster affected area.

Auroville also started a fund to help local communities and villages suffering loss and destruction. While other NGOs and individuals in the area focused on distribution of food and other materials, it was decided that resources could best be directed towards water, hygiene and sanitation, given the pressing need for this type of intervention. This made Auroville’s effort unique and highly valued by the communities where AVAG (Action Group) was working. It included the dispersion of Effective Microorganism (EM) in living spaces affected by water stagnation as well as the distribution of the innovative and ecologically produced water treatment sachets from Auro Aquasafe to provide safe drinking water, and the distribution of ‘Nilavembu Kudineer,’ a poly herbal formula that controls all types of fever associated with body ache.