Centre For Green Practices

24 Jun 2018 Projects

The earth is in crisis

Earth’s raw materials are being depleted, its environment degraded. The climate is changing and the security of our water and food is fragile. Those who come tomorrow will bear the impact of our actions today.

What role does Auroville have to play?

As a cradle for new perspectives on global development, Auroville has given land to support an ambitious project led by Auroville Consulting. A new Centre for Green Practices shall be created that follows a holistic educational paradigm including personal transformation, system thinking and technical capacity building in fields such as regenerative development, sustainability and circular economy.

The Centre for Green Practices…

Over 900 students and professionals a year drawn from India and around the world shall benefit from the Centre’s thought leadership. As it develops, the Centre will retain expertise to enable it to work on cutting edge projects that foster regenerative development and serve as an innovation, knowledge and training centre for future smart city developments.

…is of international significance.

The Centre’s construction shall be as pioneering as the ideas it nurtures. Its premises will serve as a living laboratory for the application of bioclimatic building design and sustainable resource management which can be replicated in other tropical climates. Aesthetically, the building shall be beautiful to the eye. Its design shall pay close regard to the wellbeing of its inhabitants. This is why The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) are supporting us. Experts from five countries are working with us.