Thamarai Educational Projects


What we can see in Auroville In Auroville we can see the Matrimandir and the accompanying beautiful gardens.  We can see all the millions of wonderful trees, take comfort in their connection to the soil and water, and enjoy the shade they provide. We can see all the different buildings, marvel at the different architectural […]

Acres for Auroville Land Campaign February 2019


“Whosoever has courage can give courage to others, just as the flame of the candle can light up another.” The Mother 21st & 28th February 2019 – the Mother’s birthday & Auroville’s 51st anniversary The Matrimandir is Auroville’s most precious, valued creation. Now, over 700,000 people go to the Matrimandir Viewing Point each year, and […]

Acres for Auroville Land Campaign November 2018


November 2018 – the month of a major milestone in Sri Aurobindo’s Evolutionary Yoga Throughout history, attempts have been made to create a new model for human life. Most have proved to be short-lived or limited in scope. But Auroville – The Mother’s City of Dawn – has stood the test of time, continuing to […]

Acres for Auroville, August 15th Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s Birth


In the physical world, of all things it is Beauty that expresses the Divine best The Mother Auroville is not just any place on the planet – it is a consecrated space for the growth of a truer consciousness. And for this, Beauty plays a central role. In the words of Sri Aurobindo, Beauty is […]

Centre For Green Practices


The earth is in crisis Earth’s raw materials are being depleted, its environment degraded. The climate is changing and the security of our water and food is fragile. Those who come tomorrow will bear the impact of our actions today. What role does Auroville have to play? As a cradle for new perspectives on global […]

New Land Fund Video


Securing the land for Auroville is now of crucial importance so that a coherent development of the township can take place, enabling the vision to unfold in its full potential. In recent years, however, Auroville faces great challenges in this work, some threatening the future development of the city and its surrounding greenbelt area.

A4A Update


Dear Friends, I’m very happy to announce that 2 City plots were bought last week thanks to A4A donations:  Just near the Solar Kitchen  In the International Zone (at last!) That makes the total to date of almost 35 plots added to Auroville thanks to land donations!! And there is more in the pipeline – […]

A4A Campaign Video


Dear Friends, By popular request, the A4A Campaign video for the “50th Birthday gift of land” now is enhanced with a sound track of music by Nadaka! Here are the links to this new “with-music version”. The video carries the 50th birthday logo, with the blessings of  Auroville’s 50th core team: Outside of India, […]



In the evening of Sunday 10 September, our good friend and long-term brother Aurovilian Kanniappan suffered a road accident between Kottakarai and Visitors Centre, resulting in a severe head injury that left him unconscious. He was taken to JIPMER where, with his family nearby, he passed away at 2.30pm on Monday 11th, today. He was […]

Rains and other tidbits


Dear friends, Unfortunately the recent hope-giving flare-up on this forum died down again, and so I’ll just continue keeping the thread while always hoping that others come forward and blow some further life into it. First some good news: we have had abundant rains these last weeks, finally catching up after this long long summer […]