A4a Update


Auroville is like a glowing star in the human sky today but she is growing into a bright sun for tomorrow. And this is the privilege granted to us … to work and contribute towards the emergence of this sun! Your interest, your goodwill, and your participation in A4A bring vital support to provide resources […]

Savitri Around the World


It is proposed that for Auroville’s 50th anniversary, there will be a continuous reading around the world of Sri Aurobindo’s masterpiece, the poem Savitri, in its entirety.  Originally, a live, continuous reading was envisaged. However… Progress to date and a change in plan The technical team working at Savitri Bhavan on ways to implement the […]

Letter from the International Advisory Council for Auroville


6/6/17 Dear Aurovilians, You will be aware that a new Governing Board for the Auroville Foundation is in the process of being nominated. We are all delighted that Dr. Karan Singh will continue as the Chairman of the new Board. As is the practice, a new IAC will also be constituted soon thereafter and we […]

A4A Update


Dear Friends, ACRES FOR AUROVILLE has a new campaign presentation for Auroville’s upcoming 50th birthday: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-pL02eP2puLaHBfenZMZGdyTkk The Mother’s vision for the City of Dawn was enshrined in the Auroville Master Plan, but many vital acres of this designated land are still missing!  The clock is ticking … The time is NOW! Let’s give Auroville a beautiful […]

A4A Update


To date, A4A has received over $1 million 50 thousand! The campaign has paid for 7.97 of the 9.95 acres acquired since November. This is 9 plots (2 in the Matrimandir Circle; 3 City plots; & 4 Greenbelt plots.

On the way to Supramental hood


Studying “On the way to Supramental hood” by Satprem, we have discovered in the “Agendas” of the 70’s, the Mother had made enthusiastic comments on each of the chapters as Satprem was reading them to her. And especially, she very much appreciated the “INTRODUCTION” , as being complete, self explanatory, and she expressed the wish […]

Acres for Auroville


A4A has financed 3 more plots of missing land. This brings the total so far to 8 plots (7.26 acres) of land purchased with A4A funds in the Master Plan area (Matrimandir circle, City Area, and Greenbelt). For history, the AVI network is the co-initiator of Acres for Auroville, this dynamic collaboration of AVI and […]

Auroville Education


What do the people who experienced it think? Education has been a significant area of activity for Auroville since its inception, with many initiatives throughout its history seeking to provide for the needs of the community’s youth, while attempting to actualize the foundational aspiration of ‘Integral Education.’ While we have some record of the variety […]

The Dangers of Dogma


There is a tendency for the mind to take a saying of The Mother – on Auroville’s organization, economy, the international pavilions etc. – and interpret it in a certain way. Then this becomes something we must all sign up to because ‘Mother said it’. Somehow, even while we do it, we are aware of […]

Support Organic Farms and Schoolgardens in India


In South India, food-related problems like anemia, diabetes and obesitas are all too common. Over 40% of children are anemic. Our diet is sick. Archana was born in a village near Madurai where she learnt how to grow food traditionally. Now she is sharing her skills in Chennai schools. Sivalingam is a farmer committed to […]