Acres for Auroville Land Campaign – August 2020


Year 7 of our unity action to secure Auroville’s designated material base! We were much younger when the momentous event of the Inauguration of Auroville took place. Those who were there were deeply marked by the event, some of us participated right from the start, and over the 52 years of its existence, so many of […]

Acres for Auroville Newsletter – August 2020


Onward With You Into the Seventh Year! Contents: A4A Launches its 7th Year – our August 15th 2020 Flier Auroville, India and the World – our Letter for August 2020 Thanks to your solidarity, five new plots purchased since June “Art is Life” film clip – Art for Land’s interview with Dr. Kiran Bedi “50 […]

Acres for Auroville Land Campaign – April 2020


April is a month with a history of victories! Despite today’s outer appearances, April is the Victory month for Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, with a series of encouraging events that have occurred over the decades: Sri Aurobindo’s arrival to a safe refuge in Pondicherry on April 4th 1910; The Mother’s final return to Pondicherry on […]

Acres for Auroville Newsletter – April 2020


The Victory Month of April Contents: Acres for Auroville Flier – 24 April 2020 LFAU Letter – what sustains Auroville? Story of Sri Aurobindo’s Journey to Pondicherry The Album (1910-1920) Frederick, An early Pioneer – “What the Mother Told Me” A Promising Flower of Tamil Nadu Auroville’s “Sound Experience” at the Raj Nivas on The […]

Covid 19 Financial Crisis Appeal


We are living in strange and difficult times and many people have suffered financially, so I appreciate this may not be a good time to be asking for donations. However there is a crisis situation in Auroville. Basically Auroville is running out of money for its regular needs.  An official announcement from Auroville has been […]

Village Action Covid 19 Appeal


In India, the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented national lockdown has severely affected basic livelihood security of a large number of people engaged in the informal sector. Even though the national and state governments have announced relief measures, the most vulnerable sections of the society who lack a ration card (that is an officially registered […]

Report of the Auroville International Meeting 2020 in Auroville


Participants: AVI Argentina – Anandi E. Fernandez AVI Australia – Kavithanjali Ramachandran, Kathy Christoffelsz AVI Belgium – Jean-François Pinet, Bernard Vanden Driessche AVI Canada – Andrée & Christian Feuillette AVI Croatia – Irena Ateljevic AVI Denmark – Max Sohrbeck AVI France – Francine Finck, Evelyne Guinouard AVI Germany – Friederike Mühlhans, Franziska Vömel AVI Hongkong […]

Update from the Acres for Auroville campaign


The A4A team reports on the results of supporters’ solidarity On August 15th, the Acres for Auroville Land Campaign kicked off its sixth year as a collaborative action of Lands for Auroville Unified (LFAU) with the worldwide centres of Auroville International. Guided by The Mother’s words – “A harmonious collective aspiration can change the course […]

Acres for Auroville Land Campaign, Feb 2020


“… a new humanity uplifted into Light, capable of a spiritualised being and action, open to governance by some light of the Truth-consciousness, capable of … the beginning of a divinised life.” February 2020 – the founding dates of the 21st, 28th, & the 29th Auroville, the universal township, was founded as a dedicated place […]

Acres for Auroville Land Campaign, Nov 2019


Auroville’s third generation for human unity! Over 1000 babies have been born in Auroville since its start. Of those now grown up, many have opted to remain and build their lives in Auroville, while others keep in touch from a distance and contribute in whatever way is possible. Today, there are the children of the […]