AVIUK Newsletter March 2015

09 Mar 2015 Uncategorized

In this issue we are introducing a more youthful direction for AVI UK including a ‘new look’ for our Open Meetings with an emphasis on more involvement with our younger participants. We feature some important developments in Auroville itself with a focus on sustainable  living and livelihoods: the Sacred Groves project which is both an ecological and a social experiment in self-building and community creation; the new Sustainable Livelihoods Institute, a collaboration between the State government and Auroville, working together to foster rural development in Tamil Nadu; sustainable infrastructure developments which work towards implementing an in-kind economy.

See also Volunteering in Auroville – what you can do, what it’s like, what it involves. Discover the story of the Russian singing bells, and many more features, articles and photographs that bring the Auroville experience to life in the Newsletter.