Appeal for a Japanese Garden

01 Apr 2016 Uncategorized

As many of you know, the Botanical Gardens is home to many beautiful natural creations, including the new Labyrinth, Ornamental Garden, Cactus Garden, Arboretum, Orchid and Fern Houses, and Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest. We are now planning to create a Japanese Garden with designs by our fellow Aurovilian Jyoti Naoki Eri  (see full designs in attachments below). In his words, this Japanese Garden, to be known as the Pavilion of Silent Reflection, will be “an attempt to create a Japanese garden pavilion, garden, and meditative/poetic atmosphere by using the existing natural and human resources of the Auroville region. Hopefully this project’s efforts will result in the greater unity between nature and man to truly become One Nature so as to manifest the higher consciousness in matter without the denial of the knowledge from the past.”