Acres for Auroville Land Campaign February 2019

15 Mar 2019 Land

“Whosoever has courage can give courage to others,
just as the flame of the candle can light up another.”
The Mother

21st & 28th February 2019 – the Mother’s birthday & Auroville’s 51st anniversary
The Matrimandir is Auroville’s most precious, valued creation. Now, over 700,000 people go to the Matrimandir Viewing Point each year, and over 80,000 friends & visitors go up to the Inner Chamber – and are all touched by its Force! The Matrimandir is tended with great dedication for what it is and represents. The Mother wrote: “Let the Matrimandir be the living symbol of Auroville’s aspiration for the Divine” – “manifesting in a progressive human unity”.
Manifesting this aspiration & vision requires courage. For 50 years, Aurovilians and friends have kept alive this light of courage, and passed on the flame, benefiting us all, including the hundreds of thousands of people to date who have come to Auroville to see – at least once in their lifetimes – the Matrimandir.
The Matrimandir could not have been built without its piece of land, and it is the same for all of Auroville. Land is the physical base for every aspect of manifesting The City of Dawn. As Auroville embarks on its 51st year, let us renew our pledge for its harmonious Manifestation – and we call upon all friends to join us in fulfilling the Vision and realizing the Dream!

Let’s support the Auroville Dream – an inspiring bridge to a new Future!
Join the “50th Birthday Land Gift” for the City of Dawn’s missing land!!

Donations can be made through our donations page. Please specify “Acres for Auroville” when making a donation to the campaign.  Thank you!