Acres for Auroville Land Campaign – April 2020

24 Apr 2020 Land

April is a month with a history of victories!

Despite today’s outer appearances, April is the Victory month for Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, with a series of encouraging events that have occurred over the decades: Sri Aurobindo’s arrival to a safe refuge in Pondicherry on April 4th 1910; The Mother’s final return to Pondicherry on April 24th 1920; and the disclosure of the Supramental Descent, announced on April 24th, 1956. It was 12 years later that The Mother inaugurated the City of Dawn to materialize the consequences of these events in the Earth’s consciousness, and to anchor this evolution in the land that India consecrated for Auroville.
The Peacock is traditionally known in India as the sign of success, and so it is fitting that in this special month of April 2020, a peacock came to stand before Sri Aurobindo’s statue … and just some days earlier, a pair of peacocks were sighted, perched on The Mother’s terrace!
With these signs of better things to come, hinting at the truth behind circumstances, we continue on with our work of consolidating Auroville’s designated material base. We invite all friends and wellwishers to join us in helping to secure the remaining missing plots. Together we can fulfil The Mother’s Dream of a physical space for Sri Aurobindo’s great Vision, and continue the positive evolution of decades of Aprils!
Photo of one of the 20 peacocks of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi branch; by Ashramite Naval Singh Bareth

Join the “Acres for Auroville Land Gift” for the City of Dawn’s still-missing land!!
Donations can be made through our donations page. Please specify “Acres for Auroville” when making a donation to the campaign. Thank you!