Acres for Auroville – Darshan Day Appeal

24 Apr 2015 Uncategorized

Dear Friends,

April 24th is a memorable day since it was then in 1920 that the Mother returned to Pondicherry definitively to work with Sri Aurobindo.

It is one of the 4 days in the year that holds a special significance for the work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

For this occasion, Acres for Auroville has put the spotlight on the International Zone in our flier and covering letter.

Friederike’s inspiring message about the the importance of the International Zone is the feature of our letter.

Dr. Singh has just sent a message to A4A with congratulations for “the splendid work that you are doing to raise funds for Auroville”.

This “you” that he praised means all of us for our beautiful collaboration for Auroville’s land!
Please share, send, and post the attached flier and letter wherever you can!  And in the words of Friederike:

“We call on the vast family of Auroville’s friends and well-wishers around the world to make this fundraising appeal from the A4A team as big a success as the previous ones and to help the Mother’s vision for the International Zone come true!”
In solidarity,

the A4A Team