Acres for Auroville, August 15th Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s Birth

10 Aug 2018 Land

In the physical world, of all things it is Beauty that expresses the Divine best
The Mother

Auroville is not just any place on the planet – it is a consecrated space for the growth of a truer consciousness. And for this, Beauty plays a central role. In the words of Sri Aurobindo, Beauty is “the special divine Manifestation in the physical, as Truth is in the mind”. He wrote: “Beauty is His footprint showing us where He has passed”.
For 50 years, starting with barren soil, Auroville has created beauty where before there was none. The Matrimandir is the recognized sign of this incarnated beauty, but it is not the only one. All over the City of Dawn is the partnership of material and spiritual life, dedicated to building the ground for a more conscious world.
Much of Auroville’s designated land – the material base for this work and beauty – is missing and at risk of being bought and used for private profit. The future of many missing plots is now up to us – which goal will they serve?  Together, we can act to ensure that the missing land will serve manifesting a unified, beautiful City of Dawn!

Join us to give Auroville a special ‘50th birthday gift’ – its still missing acres of land!
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