Acres for Auroville (A4A) – Update

01 Apr 2016 Uncategorized

Auroville has acquired a new piece of land – 1.6 acres right next to the Matrimandir Gardens, at the very heart of the City, where it is protective of the precious atmosphere of the Matrimandir. The purchase of this vital new piece of Auroville land is a direct result of Acres for Auroville – our AVI sponsored and co-led campaign. Thanks to A4A donations, the Land Board was able to enter into negotiations with landowners knowing that A4A funds were there!

A4A PHASE 2 NEWS: After the success of A4A PHASE 1, and in accordance with the Land Board’s priority request, A4A PHASE 2 widens the campaign’s focus to the four zones of the City Area. Acquiring land in these 4 zones – which encircle and protect the Matrimandir – will enable unifying and building the vibrant urban hub that the Mother envisaged for the Township. In addition the COLAAP website hosting A4A’s Donor Pages and Success Barometer is now much enriched. L’Avenir wrote in thanks for our circumstance-changing collective aspiration:

“It is difficult to acquire lands, especially in the City Area. Every piece is crucial and important for the development of Auroville. We are very, very grateful for the help and support we get from A4A. Without this help, acquisition would go slower, and in some cases, not at all.”