A4a Update

14 Aug 2017 Uncategorized

Auroville is like a glowing star in the human sky today but she is growing into a bright sun for tomorrow. And this is the privilege granted to us … to work and contribute towards the emergence of this sun!

Your interest, your goodwill, and your participation in A4A bring vital support to provide resources for the missing land needed for Auroville’s material base. You have our sincere appreciation!

Your contribution is also a statement of what you stand for. We hear you saying, “Yes, I stand for Auroville and all the good things that Auroville stands for. I stand for its harmonious development, and for Auroville’s full and beautiful flowering.”

On this occasion, attached please find our Goodwill Activation Point letter and flyer for August 15th. We also invite you to view and share our new A4A Phase 4 campaign presentation, made especially for Auroville’s upcoming 50th anniversary (viewing it full screen is best). We are building a birthday gift of land!

In solidarity for The City of Dawn,
The Acres for Auroville team