Flood Relief Appeal

As you have probably heard and seen in the news, terrible floods from monsoon rains hit Chennai (formerly known as Madras) in particular, but also the whole of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Hundreds of people have died due to the floods which have affected over 1.8 million people.

The MAA airport has been closed for a week and only yesterday the rain has stopped and has receded a bit. With roads finally passable, Auroville Village Action Group (AVAG) visited the surrounding villages to analyse the situation. The most visible consequence is that many have lost their houses, and the roads are in terrible condition.

  • Approximately 10 local villages have flooded residential areas.
  • Many huts have fallen or collapsed totally, particularly in the lower caste settlements.
  • Water oozes out from the floor of many houses that are on the low lying area.
  • Many cattle have died or are sick due to nonavailability of food or extreme chill weather and wetness.
  • Farmers have lost their crops.
  • Daily labourers, especially in the construction and agricultural sector have experienced the loss of their wages since three weeks, as the heavy rain has halted the work. Consequently, the very poor and aged suffer to the point of having no food.
  • Roads and streets are in very bad condition.

The Government Of India (GOI) Relief Package for the recent flood victims includes 10 kgs of rice per family, which may still take a few days before reaching the villages. Additionally they are giving 10,000 Rs for families whose house has collapsed, and 5,000 Rs to families affected by the rains.
Despite the current relief effort, in each village there are 5-10 families who have nowhere to live and who are currently in some community shelter.
Clearly, what is being offered as compensation to rebuild the huts is totally insufficient, especially when considering the cost of the materials. And, surely, families cannot all return to their houses once the water has receded.

Please help! Through AVAG your contribution would go to:

  • House repairs
  • Nutritional food supplements such as peanuts, chickpeas
  • Material such as mats, mosquito nets, bedsheets and blankets
  • Clothing and hygiene goods
  • Medication and protection against the spreading of water-borne and mosquito-borne diseases, such as Cholera, Filariasis, Dengue, Pneumonia, and Diarrhoea.
  • Conduction of veterinary and health camps.
  • Help plan and organise local Emergency Relief workshops

Donations can be made through our donations page. Please specify “Flood Relief” when making a donation to the campaign. Thank you!