Auroville Land Fund

Securing the land for Auroville is now of crucial importance so that a coherent development of the township can take place, enabling the vision to unfold in its full potential.

In recent years, however, Auroville faces great challenges in this work, some threatening the future development of the city and its surrounding greenbelt area.

Soaring land prices

Due to Auroville’s growth over the past three decades, the land within the Auroville Township area has become a commodity for big financial gain, both in the eyes of the landowners as well as outside speculators and real estate developers.

As a result, land prices are soaring in the Auroville area. Over the last 10 years, prices have skyrocketed.

Change of land use

Today’s landowners are not any more the traditional farmers, who are ploughing their fields and harvesting local grains as was still practiced a few decades ago. The sons of these farmers often work in the nearby town of Pondicherry or have a regular occupation in Auroville with a steady income. The land is mainly used for cashew or casuarina cultivation, which provide an additional source of cash revenue for the owner. Pesticides, which are harmful for the soil, the watershed and human beings, are heavily sprayed during the season and damage Auroville’s ongoing environmental regeneration efforts.


Another challenge is real estate developers and business people, who are trying to profit from Auroville’s growth and the worldwide attraction of visitors and guests. Restaurants, guesthouses, travel services, massage centres and shops are already booming in the neighbourhood. They may soon extend their commercial tentacles into the planned Auroville Green Belt, which is a very sensitive and critical area for environmental conservation and water resource management. Some land in this area has already been bought by outside parties for real estate development.

Auroville finds itself today at a crucial junction. If market forces are allowed to dominate, the entire development of Auroville may suffer seriously.



Urgent necessity

So far, Auroville has acquired about half of the land designated for the future township through contributions from within Auroville itself and from friends and well-wishers worldwide. Today, with increasing land speculation and the growing danger of real estate developers buying up land for private business ventures, the purchase of all remaining land for Auroville has become an urgent necessity!

The Acres for Auroville land campaign asks all friends to bring their support for the City of Dawn’s missing land. Auroville’s success and the Pondy area boom have made Auroville’s designated but still-missing acres a target of choice for land speculators and outside developers. In 3 years, A4A donations have enabled Auroville’s Land Board to buy over 45 plots in the Master Plan area – to protect the Matrimandir, consolidate the City Area, and safeguard Auroville’s Greenbelt resources. To protect and manifest a unified City of Dawn, please join us because solidarity works. In this 50th celebration year, our goal is to give Auroville a special present – the gift of its land!

Donations can be made through our donations page. Please specify “Acres for Auroville” when making a donation to the campaign.  Thank you!