Acres for Auroville

A major challenge today is the securing of Auroville’s designated but still-missing land – land that is urgently needed for completing the universal township’s material base and for realizing the fullness of its vision.  To date, Auroville has acquired about half of its designated land, with major pockets of acres still missing from the City Area and the Greenbelt. The City of Dawn now finds itself at a crucial junction where private businesses are in competition with Auroville for buying the township’s unsecured land.

This situation is due to two phenomena which pose a danger to the consolidation of Auroville’s material base:

  • Nearby Pondicherry’s rapid urbanization – which has caused the entire area’s land prices to skyrocket
  • Auroville’s success – which has made its still-missing acres a target of choice for land speculators and the private for-profit business projects of outside developers

This new situation threatens Auroville’s integrity, its coherent development, and the spirit of the Vision. Each unsecured acre is now in danger of being bought by outside interests and lost to Auroville forever.  Today, purchasing the City of Dawn’s designated but still-missing land has beome an urgent necessity. Securing the missing plots is essential for:

  • Protecting the Matrimandir – the soul of Auroville – and the surrounding gardens and land that safeguard its spiritual atmosphere
  • Unifying the City Area – to manifest a dynamic central hub with coherent development, infrastructure & road access for its Cultural, Residential, and Industrial zones, and for the International Zone with its focus on human unity & world peace
  • Consolidating the Greenbelt – for ensuring Auroville’s sustainability and strengthening its green sanctuary, which is the showcase for its environmental models and training that benefit the surrounding bio-region

Financial support is needed for purchasing the remaining land and for this now-urgent need, we call upon the solidarity of Auroville’s friends. Auroville’s land is its essential material base. With your support for Auroville’s land, you help The City of Dawn’s vision to manifest harmoniously and unfold to its full and inspiring potential!

Acres for Auroville
Fundraising Campaign

Auroville International is proud to be spearheading land fundraising via the Acres for Auroville campaign, a collaboration of the AVI worldwide centers with Auroville’s Lands for Auroville Unified.  And this solidarity works – in 3 years, A4A donations have enabled the purchase of 29 plots (almost 40 acres) of land in Auroville’s Master Plan area (see images below).  But much more is needed, and the clock is ticking!

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Your contributions are an act of solidarity for the Vision and its realization. Let’s get the land the Mother envisioned for the City of Dawn! The need is great, and the time is now! Every A4A donation is rapidly acknowledged and all contributions are used only for land purchase.

Here is our film “Landing Auroville” as well as our recent video clips:

(English version)

(French version)

And here is our latest clip on new land bought – all thanks to your generosity!

(English version)

(French version)

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Direct contact with Lands for Auroville Unified [email protected]
Telephone in India: 91-413-2622-657

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Art for Land

Art for Land is our other inspiring action for Auroville’s missing land – a collaboration of Acres for Auroville with the Unity Pavilion, the Auroville Art Service, and artists from Auroville, the AVI centers, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and India. Information is at and the online art gallery can be viewed at the Art For Land website. Contact for artists who would like to contribute their work: [email protected]

More Films on Auroville’s Land

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