John Mulrey

During my youth I was always thinking about the  big  questions, i.e. why are we here and what is the purpose of life?  Also I seemed to know deep down that all the “isms” – socialism, communism, capitalism and the variations thereof  were not the answers.

Somehow I knew that the only place that could possibly ever give me answers was in India. So many years ago I went to India and started travelling around and ended up in Pondicherry not having heard or read about Sri Aurobindo, The Mother and Auroville.

I went to Auroville and one day in a meeting I tuned into an aspiration in some Aurovilians for a different life. This different life was not mental or emotional,  it was something else.

Instantly I knew in my soul that the answers were here and Sri Aurobindo and The Mother were guides to a divine life. When I returned to England  I wanted to help in some way with The Mother’s dream and so I became the Treasurer of AVIUK.