Alan Herbert

I first learned about the Ashram while staying at a hotel in Darjeeling in 1979. The manager was a devotee and happened to be hosting a young couple who had just stayed there for a few weeks.

They hadn’t enjoyed it – I can’t remember why – but they must have said something that piqued my interest and decided me to make a visit. This couple also gave me an introduction to Reg of the Good Guest House, an eccentric individual with a kind heart and an intense devotion to Mother. He, along with a few other sadhaks like Ravindra Khanna, was my introduction to the Ashram and the yoga.

A few months later, still recovering from amoebic dysentery, I visited Auroville for the first time. I came back to my room in Golconde energised and wanting to find out more about this strange place. I subsequently moved to Hope.

I have lived in Samriddhi since June, 1982. It is a Greenbelt community, so part of my responsibility is managing an area of forest. I was one of the founders of Auroville Today in 1988, and this remains a major focus today. I also run the occasional workshop or seminar on sustainability (‘surface’ and ‘deep’) issues which bring people from other parts of India to Auroville.