Auroville Education


What do the people who experienced it think? Education has been a significant area of activity for Auroville since its inception, with many initiatives throughout its history seeking to provide for the needs of the community’s youth, while attempting to actualize the foundational aspiration of ‘Integral Education.’ While we have some record of the variety […]

The Dangers of Dogma


There is a tendency for the mind to take a saying of The Mother – on Auroville’s organization, economy, the international pavilions etc. – and interpret it in a certain way. Then this becomes something we must all sign up to because ‘Mother said it’. Somehow, even while we do it, we are aware of […]

Support Organic Farms and Schoolgardens in India


In South India, food-related problems like anemia, diabetes and obesitas are all too common. Over 40% of children are anemic. Our diet is sick. Archana was born in a village near Madurai where she learnt how to grow food traditionally. Now she is sharing her skills in Chennai schools. Sivalingam is a farmer committed to […]

AVI UK Annual Report 2016-17


AVI UK has this past year been addressing the fact that we have a rather limited committee membership and that this is partly a problem of passing the torch on to our younger members, most of whom have busy lives juggling work and family, causing us difficulty in getting attendance of members. We are seeking […]

Aikiyam Newsletter October 2016


As every rain brings physical change to the land, every year and term brings change in children and also in our campus. Our Wisdom building classrooms have been in use by our 6th, 7th and 8th graders since July, and were formally inaugurated on September 29th by the new Secretary of the Auroville Foundation, Mr. […]

Dick Batstone Passed Away


Dick Batstone passed away quietly on Saturday the 2nd April after a long illness. Dick, from the U.K., was a seeker from a young age. He stayed in the Ashram between 1959 – 60 and wrote a beautiful little book – Passage to More than India – about his experiences and meetings with The Mother […]

Flood Relief Update


Auroville did not suffer death or destruction in the recent flooding, probably because it has constructed check dams and bunding of the earth to ensure that water retained by the land can recharge the aquifers and the extensive planting of trees encourages absorption of the water. Despite the unfortunate flooding, it has been an honour […]

Appeal for a Japanese Garden


As many of you know, the Botanical Gardens is home to many beautiful natural creations, including the new Labyrinth, Ornamental Garden, Cactus Garden, Arboretum, Orchid and Fern Houses, and Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest. We are now planning to create a Japanese Garden with designs by our fellow Aurovilian Jyoti Naoki Eri  (see full designs in […]

Acres for Auroville (A4A) – Update


Auroville has acquired a new piece of land – 1.6 acres right next to the Matrimandir Gardens, at the very heart of the City, where it is protective of the precious atmosphere of the Matrimandir. The purchase of this vital new piece of Auroville land is a direct result of Acres for Auroville – our […]

Roy of New Creation Left His Body


In the evening of February 29th, Roy (Alistair Wicks) of New Creation passed away in his UK home in the presence of his daughter and son, due to failure of kidneys. He was 92 years old. In 1989, British Roy, a retired police sergeant and school welfare officer, visited Auroville after the demise of his […]