New Era Secondary School Newsletter


New Era Secondary School (NESS), previously known as After School, located in the Last School campus in Auroville, was started with the purpose of having a more integral program for village students and Tamil Aurovilians who wanted to study for their 9th to 12th grades, so being able to pass their National Certificate Examinations exams […]

Landing Auroville


Created by Rakhal and the Auro-Image team, in cooperation with Auroville’s land fundraisers, this 8-minute film is a stirring call for completing Auroville’s body – its land. Over shots of the barren land that once was, Landing Auroville begins by asking “Who could imagine a poorer and more desolate land to create ‘the City the […]

Acres for Auroville – Darshan Day


Dear friends & well-wishers of Acres for Auroville, Warm Greetings! A special feature of the A4A campaign is that we recall and re-activate our goodwill and commitment for a unified Auroville around 4 significant dates. These dates, called “Darshan Days”, commemorate landmarks in the lives and work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. They were, […]

Aikiyam Newsletter October 2015


Aikiyam at this time of the year is always busy, and as usual we have some wonderful volunteers. Teachers have been meeting parents and sharing their programmes and the children’s progress. Students are enjoying their lessons, vocational classes and sports. We are busy upgrading the campus with new class rooms. Aikiyam is also concentrating on upgrading our class and special needs teachers […]

Together, for Progress – AVAG Newsletter September 2015


Founded in 1983, Auroville Village Action Group (AVAG) is an NGO committed to grass roots community building with the villages neighbouring Auroville.  Since its inception, AVAG has developed into a solid and reputable organisation for positive social change. The latest AVAG Newsletter can be viewed here

Acres for Auroville – Darshan Day Appeal


Dear Friends, April 24th is a memorable day since it was then in 1920 that the Mother returned to Pondicherry definitively to work with Sri Aurobindo. It is one of the 4 days in the year that holds a special significance for the work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. For this occasion, Acres for […]

AVIUK Newsletter March 2015


In this issue we are introducing a more youthful direction for AVI UK including a ‘new look’ for our Open Meetings with an emphasis on more involvement with our younger participants. We feature some important developments in Auroville itself with a focus on sustainable  living and livelihoods: the Sacred Groves project which is both an […]

Auroville Radio Interview


Vikas dialogues with Renu and Andrea on his involvement and work with AVI UK. He shares memories from the time he lived here, and his insights to some of the hopes and difficulties he sees, the International Zone, as well as the need for a different relationship with the Planning body and the residents of Auroville. […]

Auroville Festival in Chennai


Auroville Festival set to unravel its idea of sustainable existence Art and the universal township of Auroville have a link that go beyond its conducive, green and multicultural environment. Sri Aurobindo, whose teachings resonate in the intrinsic fabric of this ‘City of Dawn,’ had said that art is an important aspect of human life that acts […]

European Plaza in the International Zone


On the auspicious day for Auroville 21 February 2015, in the International Zone, the forthcoming “European Plaza” is inaugurated, by planting a tree whose roots will grow on soil brought over from 44 countries in Europe. Music, chanting, meditation and brotherly harmony are nurturing the growth of this tree as well as the aspiration towards the manifestation of the European […]