You can make a donation to any Auroville project via Auroville International UK. Just let us know which project you wish your donation to go to.

We are able to securely receive donations online made with a debit or credit card through MyDonate. Please visit the Donate page. We would prefer to receive payments by debit card as there are less deductions by the card company, but we will gladly accept either.

Please let us know online how you wish the money to be spent.

It is also possible to make a donation by sending a cheque to:

Please make cheques payable to “Auroville International UK”

Use Gift Aid and you can make your donation or subscription worth more. For every pound you give to us, we get an extra 25 pence from the Inland Revenue. Please fill in a Gift Aid form, available for download below. For online donations the Gift Aid will be added to the donation automatically.

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Giftaid Form.doc Giftaid Form.pdf

Donations Policy

AVI UK receives and passes on donations to a variety
of projects in Auroville. As a registered charity we
qualify to receive ‘Gift Aid’ on donations provided
the donor is a tax payer. This means we receive an
extra 25p for every £1.00 donated and it does not cost
the donor any extra.

  • Donations up to £5000: 50% of the Gift Aid to go to the project, the remainder retained by AVI UK.
  • Donations over £5000: 50% of the Gift Aid from the first £5000, plus 100% of the Gift Aid on the value of the donation over £5000 to go to the project, the remaining Gift Aid to be retained by AVI UK.

For donations not eligible for Gift Aid:

  • 7% of the donation to be retained by AVI UK for administration purposes.